Our Marquee Types

Planning a wedding or finding the perfect marquee for your event may be daunting, but don’t worry! We have the experience, the desire and the right selection of marquees to help you create the setting for your special day in the Coromandel.

These beautiful marquees are fully engineered and manufactured for optimum performance in challenging weather conditions. They are very quiet and stable in windy conditions.

These modern marquees are fully engineered and manufactured for optimum performance in challenging weather conditions. 

Our flexible fabric and rigging system allows us to create eye catching shapes that will make your event one to remember.

A clear marquee is a type of tent that is made with transparent panels, allowing you to have a clear view of your surroundings. It’s a great option for outdoor events or weddings, as it provides protection from the weather while still letting in natural light.

 3m x 3m Gazebos – great for use at markets, or for shade on the beach or on a deck – put up in 5 minutes.

Freestanding frame marquees with no centre poles or guy ropes. Can be erected on hard surfaces and hard up against buildings. Ideal to use on decks, paved and concreted areas.

Choosing A Location For Your Marquee Event

Marquees can be erected almost anywhere, so long as the site is relatively flat and the ground is stable.

Marquees can even be erected on hard surfaces such as concrete or decking by using structural hold-down fixings.

The following needs to be considered when selecting a suitable site:

Marquee on private property – Space available, location of power, drainage and other underground services.

Marquee on public property (reserves etc.) – apply to the Local Authority for a consent to use the space.

Commercial marquee venues – refer here for a list of our favourite venues and locations.

Selecting The Right Size & Configuration

• How many guests do I want to provide for?

• Will guests be standing or sitting?

• Will I be using long tables or round tables?

• What size tables and what type of chairs will I use?

• Will I have a Head Table for the bridal party?

• Will I need a dance floor of staging platform?

• Will I need additional space for buffet tables, a bar, a DJ or band?

• What space is available on-site for the marquee?

• What particular ‘look’ or style of marquee appeals to you most?

Find The Perfect Marquee and Location

Orua Beach House Wedding
Dan & Mel 2021

A Few More Considerations: 

• Will the electricity supply be adequate and safe??

• Will toilet facilities be adequate and easily accessible for the number of guests?

• Will I need Portaloos?

• Is the site relatively flat?

• Will I need heating facilities for the marquee?

• Will I need a flooring product over the grass?

• What lighting options will I use inside the marquee?

• Do I need to consider outdoor lighting?

• How will I orientate the marquee to maximise best use of the site, views etc.?

• How will I decorate the marquee?

• Do I need a Building Consent?